Rhetorical questions take up vast
amounts of space in all their tirades,
and I’m getting tired of going through
the motions of answering them.
Switches flip themselves and sabotage
everything in their immediate area
while the lights above us never flicker,
but wait patiently behind layers of plastic
watching our distorted world trudge on
beneath them.
They are putting a new roof on the bank
around the corner that has a giant window
in the center of it, and it’s shaped like an eye.
They’ve hired the best stained glass artist
they could find to make it look as realistic
as possible. The shadows of bird’s feet will
form the small veins we all get when we’re
A fallen tree takes up an obnoxious amount of
the grassy area in the back of the apartment
complex, but everyone just walks by it like it doesn’t.

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