I love the way it feels to fall
but only in a retrospective way.
It’s one of the only things
we have that makes us weightless.
Even if we have to hit the ground
hard and bite the inside of our lip
so sharply that drops of blood stain,
our otherwise perfect, teeth.
What’s better is once you’re down
the sky above you looks all the more
vast and you can linger there for a second
just to enjoy it. It’s those types of details
that help me understand why some people
just stay that way their whole lives and never
find their feet.
I think it’s possible to come back from anything,
and I think everyone deserves a chance at redemption.
A meteor cuts through the atmosphere creating fire
that surrounds itself, like a monk trying to stop a war,
and it isn’t afraid of the gravity that pulls it closer to
where it belongs.

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