The Watched

Computer generated hands hold our
heads still and stick their intangible
thumbs into our eye sockets to connect
directly to the brain. Once they’re in they
scroll through our memories like a scene
selection menu, and the commentary track is
always on. They’ve been in there for a while,
and it has gone on so long most of us
have no concept of what it’s like without
them. People with piles of books in their
houses pace rapidly in their backyards,
or in their hallways wracking their
every brain cell for one indication of
what to do next. They find small things
every now and then like how to construct
small devices that break connections to things
whose only purpose is to keep our feet nailed
to the ground. Buildings that tower above the
clouds light up the early morning darkness
and provide platforms for stone statues that
stare down at us and they are not the only thing
that is watching.

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