Music In The Car

Broken C. D.s on the floor of your car
reflect light against the ceiling making
triangles of light fly above us when the
sun is in a certain position. I am putting
half assed effort into a small homework
assignment in the passenger seat because I’m
a procrastinator, and don’t like to dwell on
bullshit when I don’t care about the answers.
Eventually, I give up and watch you try to position
the wire, going from the tape player to your phone,
in such a way that the music stops skipping.
Neither of us have anywhere else to be so
we go to the cheap movie theater to watch
some cartoon about the apocalypse and we
play arcade games in the lobby while we wait for
crowds of old people in their tan pants and multiple
sweaters to clear out of their seats.
We watch the film and the sun is down when we
finally step back out into the parking lot.
That’s always my favorite moment when seeing
a movie in the early Fall. We crawl out of that dark
magic cave back into the real world, and for at least
a little while it feels like you know something everyone
else doesn’t. Using a small piece of tape from the glove
box you attach the wire to the top of the tape player, and
the music comes through loud and clear and we listen
the entire drive home.

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