The significants always shows up
out of nowhere like a person
at a party no one knows,
but turns the average night
to something unforgettable.
Decorated benches line the walkway
to the dance floor where there isn’t
music playing anymore.

Everyone is outside in the starlight
standing warmly by the burning
branches gathered over several days,
and this display is just like watching
wolf cubs learn to fight without
acknowledging the process and the pain.
Many words are said before sunrise,
but if I had to boil down the themes,
I’d say that no one could continue
with the sameness they’ve been stuck
with for so long.

The next day is phone calls and text messages
built out of clarifications and obvious
flirtations. He’ll take a risk and tell her
he had fun last night, than do nothing
else but watch the light that tells him
if she’s seen what he has sent her.
They’ll be aftershocks connected to other
parties in the future building a backdrop
for a new world where everyone will
know each other, and everything
is measured by how it holds up
after all this endless time.

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