Plastic Bag Transparency

It was spoken like a sermon set around
an empty alter in the multi-colored sunlight.
I got my cardboard box and filled it up
with almost everything I brought there,
but really didn’t care at all about the rest of it.

I saw her on the seventh floor looking down
at me walking out with my tie wrapped
extra tight around my fist.
It became clear right then that she
would be the only one I missed.

There’s a note on my car labeled warning
calling out my expired registration.
I know it will get towed if I don’t fix it,
but what’s the point of checking boxes
for a car that has no places left to take me.
I fucking hate me.

I hear the gate shut like the gaps
between its bars were just transparent
strips of never ending wall.
I had to call up my insurance
and start to cancel all that I
could not afford.

This heavy cord was made
from copper wire and I was saving it
for Christmas time when I would
cash it in to fund some gifts.
I think I missed that opportunity,
and now my whole community
is made of people just like me
who did not realize just how far
all this has gone.

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