They know they don’t need all of us
making noise out here
by an empty field waiting for morning.
We bet our time against the brick wall
thinning out from just the particles
of skin caught in the wind.

Pizza box towers are a monument to sin
and they begin with just a phone call
to a stranger, and they ask you
what you want and so you tell them
all the things you think you need.

I have forgotten what the ocean
looks like only from the inside,
and still the new tide pulls us further
off the beach. They do not teach
what would be possible
without the fear the few
inspire in the many.

There aren’t any answers
for the problems we are locked
inside like the non-clarified
objectives of the people biting coins
to just discover if they are capable of bending.
Everywhere can feel like home
when the lost can learn they aren’t
alone and to trust that sense
inside that cannot lie.

We walk under the falling water
twisting over a cliff with only
gravity and it happens to me.
I wake up in this world
that breaks apart as fast
as we hold it together
and all the miracles get stranger
over time.

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