Highest Floors

You can see how streets are laid out
from the highest floors of buildings
like the one, with big antennas,
in Chicago.

Roller blades leave marks like black scars
on the surfaces at the bottoms
of empty pools.
The realtor stops by in the mornings
to mop them all off with a bucket of bleach.

You never ask anyone to save a seat for you
because you know you’d wind up saying
something stupid if you were around anyway.
The same dog walks by my door every single
day and won’t go away until I scare it off.

She watches the people argue from behind
a layer of glass and hopes it lasts the whole
time her boyfriend is buying condoms.
They get sodas on the short drive home.
The big kind with crushed up ice,
and sugar that makes holes
in their brains.

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