I found an epilogue onan apple core constructedfrom just five unspoken words;and it would grow again.The letters were punched perfectlike the tree knew how to typeitself together. I get nothing out of eating nowmy stomach like a plastic bagstretched almost to the pointwhere it is melted inwardpurely by the gravity. I’ve stood out in the […]

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Cereal Box Text (Unprinted)

It can be annoyinglike too much of anything,and it can be bad enoughto make you not believe,but its as real as every wordsaid of a credit cardfound somewhere on the sidewalk,with a safety pin jammed through it,like a fish hook, stuck in something’s gills,lost somewherein a river or the sea,but do not speak to methat’s […]

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Defy your breeding by believingin the orange peels in spiralson the floor because the acid burnsyour fingers if you bite them.Car keys melted down into metals fistsover the wrists of lonerswalking by the wayside where the waterruns so clearly underneath them. Boys with bad cars offer ridesto girls with bad judgmentand in pairs they all […]

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Weightless troubles can be carriedso much further into photographsthat get taken by whoever needsthe memories. I for one have enough,although, I can’t tell if they’re the futureor the past. I guess there really is no differenceafter everything. Friends around a table late at night all talkabout how early they have to wake up,but no one […]

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The first signdangles by a cornerfrom a rusted nailthat’s way too madto fail. It is waitingthere to greet meon the other sideof the doorwayI have finally foundafter all these yearsof searching. You can never go home again,is what it read in flakedwhite letters that were fartoo gone from normal to ignore.This has always been the […]

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