Lost Dogs

Open cans of worms spill outand take over the world whilejust ignoring all the protestfrom the people who had goodthings going recently. Halloween is canceled and the plasticskeletons floating in the poolare just for show, so do not jumpin and try to save them,they are dead or really not realin the first place. The strays […]

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The pillars are chipping away with the sandin the wind that hits them all day,and I cannot say they’re in need of repair,without your insistence of some other waythat you never provide. The front door is open wide and there isa full on family breakdown just pastthe crooked frame that gets worseand worse with every […]

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A change in daily viewis what I’m trying to deservethe next time fortune wandersover here and listens closefor something to consider.You can see it with a telescopeif you aim it at the right placein the sky. The heat is dry out herein this desert where the miragesare all of water or a personyou remember but […]

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His love for her was based on durability.She always hated how the glassesleft those rings on all the tablesand they stayed there if they soaked inlong enough. She had been getting secret tattoos for abouta month now slowly covering her right hipand her thigh. It was mostly crosses mixedwith crucifixes all with different victimsheld there […]

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Automatic Aphids

It’s possible the world is savedfrom just a simple smudgeon someone else’s monitor,or things could fall the other wayand we’d watch it all just wash awayforever. It’s better that there is no planbecause new things can sometimesshow themselves if everyoneis working on the spot. This time I’ll take a different shot,and set my aim on […]

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