Katana And A Yellow Bike

Broken air conditioners hang out the windows above the alley. There’s a kid cutting up plastic containers with a samurai sword by the dumpster, and there were two others standing by waiting their turn. A girl rides past them on a mustard yellow bike with handle bars as green as pine trees. She spits her […]

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Won’t Meet Your Eyes

They’re listening to the recordings again, from way back when the sky was almost purple. Taking their time making their way to all the answers that they’ve heard before. Friends caution them against reckless actions                                          […]

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You give over your daytime every time. I look across it all and I can’t find the right way to come back. The sacrifices are all in empty Gatorade bottles on the same shelf. They are licking the plastic, hoping desperately for the blurry walls to dissolve from the acid in their spit. When confronted […]

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Getting carried away in statements not thought through. I thought you knew, she said to him while picking up dish towels off the kitchen floor. It was never like this before, but they’re stuck here, and in here the lights go off at dusk whether they like it or not. The roots in their gums […]

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The Board

There’s a rough sketch of an octopus on the white board. They could tell by a slight difference in blues that it was drawn with two different markers. By the odd folds above the tentacles They figured one of them was probably permanent, thus setting a trap for whoever took it upon themselves to do […]

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Under The Pine Needles

The smoke at the back of her throat makes her feel like she’s been yelling her whole life. Which she has, but that’s beside the point. The real truth is in what caused her to raise her voice in the first place. Another day at the machine carving out metal circles with a mill and […]

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Everything is together but the notebooks are full of loose pieces of paper that gradually fall further away from their initial importance. The drinking fountains are full of crumbs that swell to exaggerated sizes blocking the drain, and provide a less appealing view for those lining up to get a drink. In the mornings they […]

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