Blisters on our hands pop like bubble wrap, and the drive home is filled with clowns that like to lay down in the middle of the road and hope you don’t see them, but we do and are required by law not to give them the satisfaction of completing their joke. Everyone around me wears […]

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The Splintered Dock

A fish flops on a splintered dock until the wood starts to rake the scales off its side. The fisherman is drunk and laughing at the top of his lungs, which are worn down from the residue of numerous cigars. Worms tangle themselves together in the bait box and believe wholeheartedly that Styrofoam is the […]

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Under bridges in the rain we talk about how to go back in time, while the semis and packed full mini vans surf by with tails of water and dirt. A couple in one of the passing cars nods their heads in time with an old song she just happened to catch on the radio […]

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Chewed Up LEGOs

Mental breakdowns happen all the time. They tell me, anyway, but I know it’s not like that really. The buzzing of a building chock full of old air conditioners seeps out onto the streets and confuses the bugs and the birds. I hold onto memories of holding her, but I know those are nothing but […]

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Window Ice

Give me all the cuts you’ve got stretching out across your palms. I want our hands to line up perfectly when they hold each other. Go out to the woods across from the three rusted silos, back on the old side of town, and try to get the humming birds to notice you. We’ll play […]

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