We lie to our own detrimentlike an insect spraying killerin its own face like it knowshow it’s disgraced the sacred anthill.I walk the wooden bridge likea balance beam and stareat the reflection in the wateralways thinking of itas another worldwith fingernails so longthey curl like question marksand eyes blink like the static sparksyou get when […]

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Nicknames scratched into the sidesof arcade cabinets because the leader boardsare reset way too often.People steal the shopping cartsfrom local shopping centersand then you see them laterpushing them around flea marketson the opposite side of the city.I don’t wake up for less thanthe best day ever so I’m comatose,and lacking nightmares nightlystill the window opens […]

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Old concrete slabs, foundations leftfor sheds no longer standingstill they linger in the backyardsof this Pennsylvania townwhere there is nothing going downbut the economy. Kids play with finger skateboardson picnic tables because the hillsidesare too steep for looking over.Old women with curly white hairsmell yellow flowers that they boughton their way home from picking pillsout […]

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There’s no music to this she says quietlywhile struggling with the wirethat leads from the cassette playerto the headphone jack on her phonewhen she’s all alone on her lunch break. She parks in the cool place that no elsethinks they can because the painted lineshave faded there and only thosewho do not care can see […]

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Red Wing

A mother is tearing her feathers outbecause her baby is lost on the groundand there is nothing she can dobut keep on looking down and making noisefor nothing. They put it in a tissue box and use a rubber bandto hold it to the tree so that maybethey could find a way to meet again.The […]

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