One Day

Can you feel my heart she asked afraid to hear the answer. They were sitting on a bench swing by the pond where all the beer cans in the grass served as a surface for the rain. A man far out was just a blur on the bank but if they squinted they could see […]

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Center Of The Circle

A child asked his stressed out mom where their water came from, and she didn’t look up from her work just to shrug both her shoulders. He went out back and kicked a pebble around the house until it wound up in the street that was a circle with a center made of concrete that […]

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We’re not gonna worry about it now this place this year this collision of the decade into the new age, this burning book so hot you can’t even see the page. Walking out from under overpasses between rows of abandoned cars humming songs we haven’t heard for several years now. She licks her fingers and […]

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Indigo Sight Line

In her sleep she finds herself afraid of all the people in her dreams, and when she wakes up she remembers its the same across all forms of conscious sight. She can’t help but watch them chew as they eat breakfast talking with each bite about car accidents they read about or politics since its […]

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Center Demolition

It was the sidewalk equivalent of crooked teeth, so bad, she had to walk on the edge of the roadside. Grids of fences surrounding gutted factories now mostly ruble aside from some administration. A man in a suit stood alone next to a small white helicopter at the center of one of the perimeters. She […]

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