Paper faces hanging in the hallways pieced together with crumpled construction paper, and plastic eyes. They aren’t allowed to go near the squirrels that hang out below the walnut tree. Instead they just look at them from far away and toss them the crust from their sandwiches. Cold blood on the metal chains that connect […]

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Over packed power strips buzz just loud enough to drown out the people outside. When she walks up the stairs to the balcony where her apartment is; she stops three steps shy of the top and has a staring contest with a lizard trying to blend in with the grass. Rows of people pour out […]

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Nodding off on the clock when no one watches. There is a poster with distorted colors crudely folded in the corner by the potted plant. Carpeted stairs charge the wool in their socks and shocks their hands when they make contact with the banister. Unlocking old doors with bent coat hangers to see where they […]

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There is a solid line painted in the middle of her face. It’s red and continues down the center of her torso past her belly button. She sits still on the side of the path I am walking and looks surprised to see anyone else out there. All the trees in this forest have thorns […]

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Looking for a lost dog in a field of nothing but husks and the kinds of caterpillars that roll into a ball when you pick them up. Spilling sparkling cider on the turquoise counter at her parent’s house after opening night, and not being able to drive home without running red lights. There are places […]

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Tiles shaped like ten sided stars make up the walkway we travel on from screen to screen. Artificial seaweed dangles from the high ceiling and when you follow the long ribbons upward they lead your eyes to the mural. It covered the whole ceiling in the same way a fresh bruise gets darker and spreads […]

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Morning sunlight bites through the blinds, a half eaten cinnamon roll remains on a tray by the stove in the kitchen. Three foot razor blades make sparks and blood sprays from where they cut like the pressure built up from shaking a soda.They do not understand what they have done to each other but they […]

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