Broken watchbands below pine trees wait patiently for whoever left them there and worry that they’ve been forgotten. The edge of the train platform has no barrier other than a painted red line and a warning, and it works better than every fence in the neighborhood. Street hockey is played in the alley and the […]

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Rivers and People

The white water is loudly running toward the ocean, and that’s as complicated as its world gets. Unless you look below the surface, then you’ll see that there’s actually much more going on than just the current moving things along. It’s much calmer down there though, and I think that’s the main difference between rivers […]

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American Authority

The bark peels off of trees like the skin off of an orange and the eyes that watch us work don’t go anywhere accept to commune with others like them about how slow things are moving, and how razor thin the margins for success are becoming. Written rules should be easier to follow than we […]

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Back Lit

She uses the light from the kitchen window to get a better view of the screen in her hands and it almost doesn’t matter that it isn’t back lit. Her grandmother is stirring egg yolks into an amalgamation of specific dry ingredients to make lunch for everyone. Her parents are making out like teenagers in […]

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Spinning coins on tables with rings from the condensation at the base of cold mugs. The corners of the room have people leaning into them like kites into the wind and I can’t begin to explain why the blood falling out of our noses is as dark as ink. Just try to think about those […]

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Broken Walking Stick

There are rabbits on the ceiling scoping each other out like people do from across rooms in the night. Dozens of people stop and lean against chain link fences that are taller than them and stare through the numerous openings at a particularly intense pick up basketball game. A woman eats her lunch on the […]

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The center of her body is marked with a tattoo that surrounds her belly button. It looks like two flowers bent in a circle one is dead one is alive, and both are rendered in color. She told me once that an old woman did them while she laid on her kitchen table during a […]

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