The summers are heavy around here like a completely drenched towel wrapped around your neck, but with none of the prospective benefits. They peel the posters off their identical white walls, and throw all their stuff in the crappy cars they all borrowed from their parents to drive home to take orders for three months. […]

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Evening Walk

She is early, standing outside, rotating a pen between the fingers on her right hand, and an older couple, both holding cans of beer, passes her on the sidewalk nodding politely. There is enough cash in her pockets to pay a third of her rent, but instead of using it wisely she took a long […]

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Issue Of The Fee

Rusted railings and steps remain upright, but unattached to anything, and the fine dust that rolls off the wind creates a metallic sound when it comes into contact with the burnt red skeleton. There is a silvery cloud hovering above the the liquor store and at its edges there are soft points that move to […]

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Making decisions about which person gets killed with which blunt object starts to take a toll on the sanity of the decider. Tightening the bolts on the casings of giant missiles that could blow up the faces of entire schools makes the choice to come to work about much more than just money. Everything they […]

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Focus Of The Eyes And The Mind

Large piles of wood are burned in the centers of parks on a yearly basis, and everyone gathers around to look at them while keeping warm with their heat. No one thinks or sits, but they stand in a doughnut shaped mob and chant along with old songs that the local bands are still taught […]

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Back Lot

Behind the dollar store in the evenings a group of adolescents liked to step on old cardboard boxes until they’ were completely flat, and then smoke cigarettes while making jokes about their teachers and their parents. Sometimes one of them would bring a joint to pass around which they also smoked regardless of the potential […]

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