Bad Ideas

Today it’s raining outand they are trying to repaintthe fading road lineswhich refuse to just infuseinto the surface.She looks at him sleepingby the window while the sweaterin her grip unfolds itselfwith both her armsand both her hands. A bird black like the cornersof the apartment pecksat the side of the buildingfrom its perch up onthe […]

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A brown winter coat is missing half a sleeveand from where we’re standingit almost seems like it is wavingfrom the wire it is hanging from.The sounds of erratic power drillsconnect things together on the weekendwhen the neighborhood rebuildswhat it has broken.The buses sound like giant catsand hiss at all the passengerswaiting in the morning grayto […]

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Somewhere Looking Down

She drove a corkscrew throughthe aluminum side of the swimming pooland felt the water rush right past her legsas it tore apart the yard.She says she hasn’t seen a namelike that since one timelong ago written weirdon the back of a playing card. She wanted to be a pilotso badly, but when she finallygot into […]

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The downtown is all lit up but emptyof almost any inner light.We put up with bad music and the endlessbroken jaws in petty fights out onthe sidewalk where the journeyand destination are collapsinginto one thing all together.I just speak into the paperas if to map what I am thinkingonto two dimensions I can seemore clearly. […]

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The janitor at a racetrack replacesthe liners in the trashcanslike the fresh bags are renewalsof their souls.The cameras in the cornersmake him feel like if he’s slowthe world will know it.So what if he doesn’t wantto get his hands on all the bloodstainsin the bleachers?I wouldn’t either, and I’m pretty surethat most would feel the […]

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