I show up around fourwhen it’s as dark as any nightcould ever get, and I can seethese perfect wingspansdoing circles overhouses just like mine. She is watching over the streetthat us nobodies cross to make it backto living spaces we cannot afford.She has a sword with herup on that roof, in just her night gown.It […]

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Look at this personwith their rotting teethand lack of prospectsgenerally. I bet they do not evenrealize how we talk abouttheir lack of standing up. Or I guess I meanthey’re clueless abouteverything. They live in cars and cuttheir hair with eighty cent lighterssavoring the odor in the air. They aspire to what they aren’tcut out for […]

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To All Complexity

I can be funny mostly inadvertentlybut when I force myself to tryI just hurt feelings.The fishing boat is capsizedwith a gaping hole around the bowwhere seagulls soak in shadeand watch for crabs.There are none and the empty beachhas given up completely in the hopesto just become part of the ocean.I’m lying really all I know […]

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I break the hour glass against the wallbecause the minute hands have alwaysfunctioned better as a wayto mark the waiting. I’ve seen an entire flock of birdsgo and impale itself on just a singlecactus standing lonely on a dune. It might have been a miragebut what’s the difference betweenthat and how the glass leavesbehind gashes […]

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My best advice is just to make the mostof any shitty job they’re still left offeringto anyone afraid enough to sign.The same places are everywheremarked brightly by the logos that haunttheir radius of miles over footballs fieldsand school zones going slowly. I ask the jellyfish in the fish tank,in the waiting room, to stay out […]

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