We don’t let each other change the paint chips off the aging door. It’s in a ring around the frame, but you can’t see it anymore. There is no light inside the window you wouldn’t notice from outside. Pale trees surround the darkened streets, and new born owls learn to glide. Giving in to manipulation […]

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The bottom of the town has never seen the crown, and broken auto parts have gaps that light can’t get through. Tunnels boring through the hillside move like worms through shifting earth, and all the trees are bent within the greater landslide. Backwards moving minute hands scrape their fingers on the edges of the clock […]

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Angry for being angry, she stabs the eraser with a pen. The melted wax on her desk lamp starts to burn and makes the light the same color as the crayons were. The lightning bugs look like satellites from her window. Only smaller as if her street was another galaxy. Moving apart from the center […]

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Play Back

The buttons on the console have diagonal cracks going through them. Their fingers smell like metal from the coins. Everything is light and sound around them, making circles with the textures in the air. Ships dismember retinas of insects in space, while beer is poured onto the floor and floods the system. Giving up on […]

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Half decent speakers taped to the support beams of the awning, playing nothing but some music or the news. They hold on to the different views, and separate them all on giant screens. They flicker just enough to make sure nothing gets too dull, and that the silence feels the same to them as falling. […]

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Easier To Sleep

She pulls a piece of string tight around her finger until it starts to feel like it’s dying. The voices over the intercom tell them they should feel good about the day, and some of them do with small designs painted across their faces. Hers is blank and this includes her expression. All she’s able […]

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Left Out

Dragging the back of a hammer across the rotting boards that make up an old raised bed, and the sharp corners tear into his skin. Everything looked so much darker in the overcast and the blood reflected daylight like a mirror. Nothing gets away from here only molting in the stillness, they are crayfish in […]

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