Bird chirping hoursalways show up when you’d ratherstill be sleeping in your coffinwith nothing but a pocket knife and flashlight.Plastic playhouse furniture is the only placeto sit here anymore and as the sun is bentdirectly through the enormous concavewindows they all melt down into candle waxand creep along the tile floor forever.I make a point […]

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Photograph Of A Photograph

In dreams I tell second hand storiesabout people I think I’ve met before but haven’t.The memories of meeting themseem realer than the dream itself,but when I wake up I soon realizethat those memories were just a backgroundaround everything. I worry about what that meanswhen I am walking aroundsome street I’ve clearly walked beforebecause now I […]

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Dial Tone

Waiting for my wake up callwith my eyes closedwhen I’m already awakejust to see if they rememberI am down here.The basement floor is emptyaside from this roomin the corner of the back hallwhere the lights all flickerquickly like the soundyou get from playing cardsin bike spokes. We got back late but the lights were onbouncing […]

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It’s taken a while but I’m stilltaking time out everydayto slide my middle fingernailalong the marble railingcontaining the overlookthat hangs above that cornerof downtown.The world is still aroundlike the awkward wallflowerof the universe waiting centuriesfor someone just to talk to it.I’ve always fought with itjust like a shadow cast on canvasI keep jumping in the […]

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The sun can peel you like an orangeif you let itstanding out there on the lot all daytrying to send all the cars awayand bring them back on tradesyou barely pay for. Nicotine is delivering sensationto help tune out the boringgaps between peoplewe take for everything they have.I don’t have anything though,and if you do […]

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