Get It Out

A group of surgeons slide blades into tissue to separate the skin, and they root around with hooks and forceps to find that thing you say makes you act the way you act. It’s elusive and bends back into the the blind spots when they get it on the ropes, which takes a toll on […]

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Where She Wants To Be Today

A girl sits in a clearing and rips grass out of the ground then tries to stack the blades on top of each other but the wind makes it difficult to keep the tower standing. The boy who drove her there is using his knife to scrape mud out of the pattern at the bottom […]

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Number 36

There were three people left on bus 36 as it was making its last stops for the night. The lights above the seats buzzed like summer insects, and one of them was burnt out leaving the back few rows in a dark void. One of the passenger’s names was Helen and she worked at a […]

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A Fist Fight In The Gallery

An admirer stood in a trance at the foot of his most favorite Nora Talbot painting. It was a self portrait she did when she was still young, ten years before her head would explode from all of the cocaine, heartbreak, and aneurysms. He let his eyes soak in every inch of her cloud white […]

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Ned didn’t remember what it was like to wake up every morning and not want to bash his head into every sharp corner in his small unimpressive house. He had been feeling this urge much more powerfully recently ever since his boss called him into his office and told him he was on thin ice. […]

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The Ramp Maker

I am rounded up by the people who skate in the empty lot on the corner of my street, and they say they need me to help carry something heavy. I believe their need is genuine, so I follow the posse of scuffed helmets and hand me down t-shirts to a crummy plot of dirt at the end of the […]

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Trash In The Street

There’s a metal plate of unknown origin spinning like a coin in the street.   Its faces never meet the ground because a transcriptionist sees it from her patio and rushes out to keep the roads clear of anything that could get in somebody’s way.   She holds it loosely, by the rim, between her palms to avoid touching […]

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