Splitting open all the flesh on our fingers we hope the subtle pain no longer lingers, and the magnets on two sides of the tree come together in the middle cutting it down. Good swimmers drown in the rough waters of indecision. Paranoid about the stray cats that balance on the railing attached to the […]

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Night To Day

Faces in the middle of wooden planks make up walls connected to windows, and through those windows we see the beginnings of everything. Crossing paths with strangers that wear t-shirts with logos and text that make you chuckle, and crack your knuckles before returning to work. Jerks take turns ganging up on the quiet, pushing […]

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Past The Clouds

Ruthless thoughts are on the docket because living with yourself is a chore. You could step out into space if you wanted right from the place where you stand on the shore. The sky has fallen before in more ways than we can make up myths about. Why panic about something that’s inevitable. It’s really […]

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Maybe I can start. They think to themselves with eyes seeing far past the tree covered hills out the window. It never happens though and every thought of their own is covered up by the layers of grime that pour out of speakers and screens. Narcotics for quiet minds. Invisible hands guiding us to what […]

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Getting carried away in statements not thought through. I thought you knew, she said to him while picking up dish towels off the kitchen floor. It was never like this before, but they’re stuck here, and in here the lights go off at dusk whether they like it or not. The roots in their gums […]

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Shoe box buildings with cartoon letters for something as mundane as scraping teeth. The plastic wrappings get into everything like they’re looking for places to hide. We like to stay inside these days only leaving for small errands like running our clothes through the wash. The factories you see from the bridge all have meaningless […]

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She tries to unscrew the bolt with her hand but can’t get the leverage and its edges dig into her skin. Dark gray foam expands in the cracks in the walls and makes the houses breath rough like tired smokers. Laying out by the stream, on a blanket, she claims she can make love with […]

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