Lily of the valleyand the echoof the lightly falling rain.I do not care if all of thisremains the way I’ve known it.I embrace the changethat washes over everything.Give me garbage trucknoise and laughingwith the smell of tiny fireson the edge of someone’s driveway.There is no speed that I could get tothat would take me out […]

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The ones supposed to speakfor generations have the disadvantageof being kidnapped fromthe grips of them.This is why the early albumsare always the greatestsince the real worldhasn’t fallen offtheir jackets like the duston every highway in the world.Summer is the season of song,and when they tell you nothingcan go wrong that’s when you knowthat there is […]

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The lights were half onin the bar where no one leftwas going very farout into anything.They paid in pennies and dimesthey found along the railingthat was set up to risewith the incline of the biggesthill the city ever knew.Hard candy wrappers hit the sidewalkon the way back to the placesthey were staying aton notice for […]

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Get up from where the sun is lowand the quiet contemplativeswaste their days and be amazedat what is going on around you.Don’t answer any phone callslet it ring though so they knowyou aren’t hiding. Stop reading and watching the newsat the same time while the CD playershuffles all your albums.Instead just learn everythingby finding out […]

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All Time Greats

I don’t have any fancy tricksthat you were hoping for.In fact most of the timeI almost can’t say anything at all.We use blood to paint the wallsAnd make excuses for the messeswe leave everywhere.She stole the plate armor gauntletfrom the decorative cabinetin her grandfather’s basementand climbed the power lineto grab hold of the wire.The resulting […]

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