Icicles hang like hunted gameoff the street lights and refract the colorsout into the spectrum.I can tell you just how long ago summerended but it always feels like thingsare changing suddenly.I know the thermos in her cup holderis about more than just caffeinebut extra warmth that spreadsthroughout her as if the heat couldbe escorted by […]

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New World

A machine can put a needle through fabricjust like we can but withoutthe need for clumsy hands that get so tangledin the way when we are working, but unableto make progress. America is a t-shirt quilt who’s graphicsall are different bad ideas.Anyone who hears that and their firstthought is there are no bad ideaswhen it […]

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Lower Ground

Weekend wings like a Christmas Angelat every angle and I look at all the city lightsbelow me down this hill here where I’m standingand the wind is kicking up like I am falling.Bookcases of wasted words on mebecause the only thing I listen tois music in my headphones I don’t care about.The cracking plastic and […]

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I don’t know anybody herebesides the deer that lurk like watchdogsby the daffodils and drink the stagnantwater in the driveway puddles.I’d know her anywhere though,with pale fingers looking upa detail about escalators she hadn’tunraveled yet, and seized upon the power.You allocate the base bricksof a tower first to keep the order rightand pinnacle progressing toward […]

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I want to forget the shapes of carsand curving off ramps that get clusteredby the desperate trying to make itwhere they’re late to in the morningwhen the radio gets by through barely talking.What day will the insects die out this yearif they manage to? They pierce our crumbledbounties with their mandibles like scythesthat cut the […]

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