Opportunity Chaos

Plastic bags in rows and different colors the lights cook the employee’s brains like the meat that spins so slowly in the machine. Everyone is at the window or slowly moving toward the door, as there is death outside and they all want to see. A small blue car crushed under the neon sign which […]

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How Much Can You Carry

A young woman sells everything she owns from her mother’s driveway. The whole neighborhood parts their curtains just to shake their heads and scoff at any resistance. She learned to watch her thoughts like children playing close to a body of water, and in her careful observation she found she only cared about what she […]

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Walking On Glass

Footsteps against the glass floor distort everything below the people walking briskly to their trains, or cars that wait out by the roadside. It is likely that we will work right up until the end. Nothing saved just a white flash in the sky while an old woman in a paper hat drops a scoop […]

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Dry eyes forced open on the screen. In a mandatory version of a dream. I cannot find a reason yet to close them. I see you standing between two mountains. Both looming over you like they were looking down. If they were water you would drown. Your eyes split horizontally, and through those brand new […]

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At a rest stop between the East coast and the West, I call her and tell lies about the scenery. Long stretches of farmland have always reminded her of being young and having nowhere else to go. This is a fact I cannot help but know. In the space next to me a man downs […]

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