When nothing feels goodlike it should and there isfrost spreading out fromthe center of the windowyou can look and seeit walking through the tree linepast the lake up to the glass.A moose with bleeding antlersafter fighting others getting in the way.It rounds the corner and knockssnow off the roof when it collideswith the side of […]

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All the half awake drivers watch the spireat the top of the police station.They ignore the lights since they don’ttell them anything they don’t already know.How to stop and go is writtenon the dashboard in black nail polishthat she used to put on every timehe picked her up, before she put him down. They’re both […]

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The significants always shows upout of nowhere like a personat a party no one knows,but turns the average nightto something unforgettable.Decorated benches line the walkwayto the dance floor where there isn’tmusic playing anymore. Everyone is outside in the starlightstanding warmly by the burningbranches gathered over several days,and this display is just like watchingwolf cubs learn […]

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The damaged drain backs the water upso the sink spills over its coppery edgeand starts to flood the whole apartmentlike a tidal wave from inside solid walls.The cat jumps from table, to counter,to desk chair, and foot stool to avoidthe creeping water line that cries upall the walls like in a fish tank.The book case […]

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They think they see me all thesepeople, in this desperate town,that write about me every dayon gray paper that melts awaywhen it gets rained on. I bit open a deer skullon a bike path and the crunchrang out so loudit made some people screamwhile at their picnic tableall the flies around stucksickly to their food. […]

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