Consecration of Crows

Tree bark with no details just sharp shadows in front of distant sky. The crows give each other warnings about skulking too close to their claims. Usually consisting of a goat, now just a sack of broken insides picked apart. They go for the heart without consideration for their feathered souls. There are no hidden […]

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Behind the heavy gray clouds is a burning sun, but its light still finds its way through all the gaps. I stand in the parking lot full of potholes and broken bottles, and stare into the rays sporadically fighting their way down to us. There is so much more dark in the sky today. The […]

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Better Not to Know

I watch people walk up and down the hill at the end of the street, surrounded by others, cars, and dying stores. They look past each other like they aren’t in the same world. A veil between them as dense and tall as the colossal structures around them; a hotel with dozens of floors, a […]

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She overslept and missed her one chance at the train. The glass of water on her windowsill, bent the morning light in every color. Her clothes hung out of half closed drawers in a dresser handed down from her mother. After she stood in the shower with her eyes closed she got a sense of […]

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The light in our eyes won’t let us sleep. It lures us apart from each other. We are cornered in its glow, more than we all even know, and beetles crawl along in the trees. You say the wrong thing and you punish yourself. You hold your hand over the candle. You bite into your […]

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