Fiasco With A Rocking Chair

A man who lives in an apartment across the street from the wing clipping center throws an old rocking chair off of his balcony, and it tumbles in the air three times until it shatters against the pavement of the parking lot. Bystanders just trying to climb into their cars start yelling long strings of […]

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People pretend not to know what you’re talking about but when you say it they cannot hide the recognition in their eyes. A pack of men with knives slide them along the brick walls of alleys making sparks that just barely illuminate their faces. They kick over anything in their way including people just stopping […]

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The engines are chilled making the needles stand still and the starter struggle to ignite the mist of fuel coming from the source. I look out the window and I see goats in the field with shards of ice hanging down from their long fur. They try to huddle together but wined up stabbing each […]

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The Watched

Computer generated hands hold our heads still and stick their intangible thumbs into our eye sockets to connect directly to the brain. Once they’re in they scroll through our memories like a scene selection menu, and the commentary track is always on. They’ve been in there for a while, and it has gone on so […]

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Plastic cups are the new holy chalices of our generation. We’ve never known anything else, and the convenience is worth occasionally closing your fist too tight and making a mess everywhere. We ignore the common characters of the night like the town drunk singing a song and sitting cross legged in a puddle of his […]

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The Problem With Our Raincoats

Bricks fall from the tops of buildings crushing stray cats and damaging expensive cars that are parked illegally. Most think it must have been the wind knocking them loose, but the old folks who sit in rocking chairs on their porches ask the obvious question of how it’s possible for light breezes to knock loose […]

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Rock Paper Scissors

They take their seats on the morning train in a place that hasn’t had trains for very long at all. They were just finished being built last spring and since they’ve been done many people are using them. Others avoid them like they were a deadly outbreak and stick with the buses that smell like […]

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