Coolers chill, full of half melted ice, and soaked cans of sugar and beer. You make contact with the eyes of a girl for a brief moment as she looks up and then all you see is fear. The chattering across the crowd, all there for sex and sound, stops. Their palms and fingers against […]

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Old Songs

You save the paper plates like china, in a cabinet, no one can touch, but you. You play music on the record player your grandmother left behind. It sits in the corner by the window, so people that walk by can notice it, and be reminded of old songs. When you cook I can smell […]

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Box Of Rings

She keeps her rings locked in a box with a painting of a skull, with no jaw, on the front. Rarely opening it, she mostly just looks at them on her fingers for a few minutes then puts them away. The stones cut into octagons embedded in tungsten and silver. Driving an hour in the […]

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Scratched tile floors with no gaps between the squares. Black and white like the movies from the past. You lean against the wall moving your eyes around like you were trying to loosen them. You see past the massive crowd flooding through the doors, and into the distance between those making it up. Observation is […]

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Holding faces under water because it’s all that we deserve. When we can finally breath we are told to believe we should have drowned. A light at the far edge of the pool makes the water into a golden portal, and the shadows project it all against the walls. Insects sing in isolated corners at […]

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There’s a hole in the ground covered up by dead tree branches, black from being burned. You see a million worms all swarming at its uncovered edges, and they melt from the heat at the middle of the day. Finding this place was inevitable, they told you, carrying you on their shoulders, pointing towards the […]

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The Closest Thing

Disguise your claims to sound impossible. When you do, it will pay off bigger. The planets will align, meandering from their chaos, and everything will turn out just like you wanted. You pulled a fish hook through your fingers, on accident, once. It bound them together and you bled so much it ran all down […]

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