Handmade bombs taped to the support beams of roller coasters somehow never explode. Her legs were pale like paper and she had the urge to just envelope them with ink. The air-conditioned teeth of the filters cough due to the abundance of buildup, and cannot scrape it off without their masters. People stand in lines […]

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A lizard laid across her feet, and she talked about the way it felt to eat a soul. They were always cold like an orb of ice cream, that doesn’t melt, just lingering in that area of perfect texture. The first one she ever had was forced down her throat by a creature in a […]

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All That Happens

Air pockets in the drink avoid detection always rising past the eyes. They can’t see each other under shattered streetlights, and so they talk and move in line with the sounds of their voices. Around them there are others, further separated from the rest, isolated in rooms with broken glass on the floor, never quite […]

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Remember the place where the time ran out. Under tube-like glass bridges with no shadows just bands of light that break the sidewalk. All the talk is in circles around piles of rotting food, the underside of picnic tables covered in layers of gum. There is only one way things can go from here. They’ve […]

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Paper moves above us almost on its own. High scores blink rapidly on the news, in reference to money, dead, and wounded. Broken bits of porcelain from all over the building are stirred together, and can’t be seen as what they were before. Suppressing all identity under blankets of uniformity, hiding all the human faces […]

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Hollow armor on a fence post, hockey pads without the smell. They dream of cities without limits, or just their breakfast with no cost. The day is lost to pushing rocks up every hill then back again. She said she would be coming home he sits there and he wonders when. When worrying they count […]

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Never Was A Day

Imaginary versions of ourselves are picked over by the eyes of all around us. Like a liquid statue vomiting out smaller and smaller variations of itself, ever upward, until the details fade away. She stands in the mirror and points a lens at their reflection, so she can hold on to the time, and so […]

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