Definition Of Music

I’m in a time lapse of a time lapsewhere the stars move fastlike traffic on the quicker days.Nobody has enough batteriesto keep the screens on andthe local sponsors happy.They try and tell me what they wantfrom me, and all the days I spendout awol in the side streetshaven’t helped the morningscool down any sooner. You […]

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I see the factory start overtimeand catch a glimpse of a car accident.Some young guy in his eight thousanddollar ride that barely stays in drive.They get the hydrant open fast enoughand nothing burns for longer than it’s needs to.We have the same feelings about itfor years, and here I am again,unpacking all the angles so […]

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Side Effect of drowsiness

I’m not afraid of where the tree is tornand all the scorpions and apricotsappeasing death around the base of it.I burn it down repeatedlyand it grows back palerevery time with bark that looks like fleshthe more I’ve killed it.I walk in a ditch next to the roadto get to the drug store,and fill plastic bagswith […]

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Outlaw Irises

I know she’s at the concert nowbut I can’t make it out of town to be there,and she likely wouldn’t see mein the first place.I wish I could take this part out of me,like a single gear lifted from a pocket watch,but all these machinations aren’t so simplespreading slowly over everything I feel.Being around her […]

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When the shock wave knocks the windowsfrom their frames and sends itsripples through the oceanwill our lightning storm descendand cover everything?During the darkness downtownall our stationary trainscollect the ghosts of former passengersstill sticky from the ectoplasm, laughing.Will there be anyone walking down thosetunnels in the undergrowth?Protected by the tightest fit,a woman’s legs in stockings pacethe […]

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