Spring Cleaning

It’s important to put things in the trash. Otherwise wherever you are becomes just another hub of advertising for the things you’ve already bought. Those empty beer cans and pizza boxes on the coffee table are a times square of your own making. Maybe there’s some kind of cleaning to be done? We should start […]

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There is no sickness on this earth that comes with any mercy. A sheer lack of it is what makes them so destructive. Rampaging like invisible fire they empty out the world. A bottle overturned so that it spreads across the floor like spilling blood. There is no medicine for this in fact the cures […]

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For The Taking

The only thing that’s bright is all the light that leaks through holes tore through the woodwork. It projects the damage onto the far wall. They took a shotgun to it, all of them, trying to get in and give the filthy thief a lesson in the ins and outs of fucking with the livid. […]

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There was a terrified kid in a tree and circled below him were three others and they were screaming they would kill him when he finally fucking fell, and they could reach. They shared a cigarette they found on some stone steps while they waited for their chance to lose their shit. A green caterpillar […]

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They were eaten by the Earth, and fell down its rocky throat with all the walls made out of blades uncleanly sharp. Without a single source of light the injured could not see their broken limbs and the echoes of their screams filled up the cave. She painted all her windows black sitting in a […]

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