Value Of A Bag Of Gold

Months on the calendar look like the grids on the pages of notebooks meant for math. They beg you to add up your days and take inventory of all your time. Observing anything inherently changes whatever is observed, and if you want to survive out here on the game board all aspects of yourself must […]

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Sound Of The Grasshoppers

They haven’t needed to burn books in years to keep people from reading them. Narcotics are given out like Halloween candy and their chalk like texture is soothing to the people that take them daily with lemon lime soda. Hours are spent on pool decks doing yo-yo tricks and watching as girls jump from the […]

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Nameless Music

Vertical scars mark the skin on her shins and she searches for answers in her memories, but doesn’t find them. The chain on her bike breaks every year at random times and recently she hasn’t even been riding. She used to have long conversations with a boy that was always mowing people’s yards for money. […]

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Combo Knowledge

The silhouette of a boxer with blue gloves dances left and right around the attempted body shots of another. They are so fast the wind coming off of their movements can be heard from several rows back. No one in the room has a face under the dim lights. They are bright enough only to […]

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Dust from between the gravel on the road spirals upward toward the cloudless sky. Nomadic salesmen park on the shoulder for a while and read the thick books they brought with them to pass the time. Old cats who have hunted in those parts for years use the combs on their tongues to remove dried […]

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Not thinking while standing too close to the edge of our apartment’s roof helps us get control of the friction between the past and our brains. There is a model train that runs in circles around the house of the girl who lent us a few seeds one time when we wanted to try and […]

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Holding brooms by the bottom of their handles, the store clerks tried to sweep the pigeon back out the doors of the grocery store. They were eventually successful, and celebrated by stuffing all the items that had been contaminated into a trash can with wheels like an office chair. They used a liquid the same […]

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