There’s a knot in the yo-yo stringthat’s hanging from the loop madein the chain link diamond near the topof the bent in fence.The sky is magic colored for anotherthirty minutes while the cars drive byall slowly because of the crack downon the speeds we drive away from here.The cows in the field you could seeout […]

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There is a cut eyeand it is overlooking all of this terraincaught under all this rainwhere everything is overdueand the graveyard statue’s facesall are crying over someonethey had never even seen before alive. This town is a midnight drivewhere it is busy and the citycalls the small time working wretchesout to run their fingers over […]

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I can’t tell how I’m doing simply standingin the corner with the air out and the heatall pouring in. I don’t know where to beginbut I am forced to by the winter wolfthat chases me at night when I am sleepingand continuing to never know my dreams.I can’t find my way out of the bowling […]

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She’s like the rings aroundthe planet just beyond the darkestparts of Jupiter.So clearly beautiful but far outsidewhat anyone could hold.She stands in the rain at the rest stopwaiting for anyone to offer her a ride.Another way that she can wait aroundand let the candles melt inside herblue eyes so she cannot even see.She keeps the […]

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On one level she always knowsthat she is running out of it,but on another she is taking itand seeing what she wants to seeand isn’t bothered by the storiesshe is forced through in the museumof her life she lives inside of.Forty five dollars a pill almostimpossible to work for in the heatof the exhaustion, missing […]

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