It begins in pseudo Californian meditation that is greatly helped by unmet expectations. The dressing room is messy even if it’s all in order and the scene is set so perfect for the weekend. You will see the halls, so packed they are a colony of equivocating life. The light is dim so nothing can […]

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She’s like a glimpse of a rare sky on your way back from somewhere shitty and in a moment she’s rewritten your whole day. The power lines run over us humming through the quiet, and it is silent down the street where we could see. The drum kit in a passing basement was held back […]

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The sirens fog the yelling and the paper bags get all caught up in furious escapes between the automatic doors. The entrance way is chaos and the clouds are moving so fast it is like they are the film in the projector. They both know about the secrets and are waiting with their arms crossed […]

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Burn Enough

A couple lived above the bar, but she was far off lost in distant sights. When they fought there would be dust that fell from the ceiling and sometimes even the lights would flicker slightly. She would wear her night gown in front of all the patrons to make him jealous as a consolation prize. […]

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A man and woman forage for food in a forest meant for bigger things. The colossal trees like pillars for the sky. Reaching into knot holes they pull squirrels out that they slam against the rocks. He carved her a squirrel out of wood as symbol of her infinite ferocity. The vines around them brushed […]

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