Something Sharp

The scoreboard at the baseball gameis shorting out while the grassis being ripped up by the storm.The backyard is a panopticonof houses without fences in between them,and a gazebo in the center looking out.This is the definition of a nightmarelooking back at you from the doorway.Something sharp you didn’t thinkcould get a piece of you.Broken […]

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How It Sounds

I don’t care about the keysthat stick distinctly in the door.It would be fine if I could leaveand not come back here anymore.The ceiling’s tiered just like a pyramid,but I can’t look up withoutyou looking down, and I don’t thinkthat I can stay around with you.I’m too in love with how it sounds. It’s not […]

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Second Act

Weeds in the flowerbedlatching on to what is deadlike the driest parts of the concreteright after a downpour.An old woman worksa high school level jobto supplement the moneythey dish out to her through mailmenevery month though it is not enoughto even keep her going.They cauterize the holes pokedin her stomach with whatlooks to almost anyonelike […]

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Cowards in the cageslooking outward at the freedomthrough the bars believeit’s nothing but a fairy talewe tell ourselvesto help us fall asleep.Printing lists of all the thingswe have to pray to keeplike cars with bright blueheadlights and a varnishover everything that shines.They think there is valuein how crowded they cankeep themselves.As if the quantity of […]

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There’s nothing left but porch lightsslightly flickering in the middleof the night and all the raccoonspilfer quietly, aware that we arelistening for anything. All the flags on their polesare tattered and really barelyholding on without the songssang in their honorthey are withering like we dowithout time. Plastic in the places we are tryingto keep clear […]

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