Over The Sea

Water dripping off the gutters makes a random rhythm that amplifies their thoughts. They hold the cold cans in their bare hands so tightly they are numb enough to vanish. Mud coating their shoes, walking paths on cloudy days, when the rain only falls at night. The tracks left by the dogs are like small […]

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Interstate Stand Still

Congested highways with half built bridges give way to folding chairs, and people too restless to stay in their cars. The weeds on the edge of the highway wrap around each other and the insects fly around them like they’re drunk. Tying up their dogs by feeding their leashes through rusted holes eaten through their […]

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Cool Knives

Sporadic trees grow between houses, and on the roadside, mostly just making shade and shelter for the birds. Kids climb them sometimes, and usually they fall, but it’s never bad enough to warrant stopping it. Their mothers drink lemonade with small portions of vodka mixed in and watch them carefully through that small gap above […]

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Two intersecting lines were drawn in the center of a crossroads. The woods between the town and its water tower was overgrown, and waiting to be burned. Glimpses of collapsing sheds, at the edges of abandoned property, fill the corners of half conscious bus rider’s eyes. Sliding thumbs across circular plastic they turn the volume […]

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Learning From The Scenery

She’s like the kind of air that wakes you up when you walk out the door at the beginning of Fall. Telling you to face the shorter days with burning awareness fueled by the omission of heat. Feeding squirrels almonds out of her hands she reads the books you tell her about, and you listen […]

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Regrets Within A Broken Sword

A man with a broken sword dragged his feet into a small town with buildings made only of dark lumber. There were no churches or statues, or shrines to anything just a small library looked over by the elderly that sat in various rocking chairs with dozens of cats. He had been to this town […]

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Beneath Us All

She has dark makeup around her eyes, and is looking off at nothing in particular. Everything they know about her is over heard and exaggerated into something bigger. Like hot steel being twisted into crosses, for decoration, to be bought by Christian seniors for inflated prices, they won’t think about. People at a distance are […]

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