Parking Lot Scene

There’s a guy using two wrenches to drum on a metal mailbox that stands by itself in the parking lot of the local strip mall. This irritates the hockey coach in sunglasses trying to get cash from the drive through ATM about thirty yards away. He slaps the space above the cracked screen over and […]

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No Thanks

You can keep all the golden scales that fall off the back of the dragon you’re chasing. I don’t want to spend my time sharpening spears and arrows without being able to use them myself. It’s easy to sit across from me at a table and say I’m not doing the right thing, but I […]

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The Creature In The Tree

A creature made of gears fell from the top of a ridge and impaled itself on a small tree. Its jaws opened and closed with loud metal groans while the twigs and branches worked their way between the teeth of its inner mechanisms. Eventually it could no longer move and it’s only functioning systems were […]

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The Fountain Pen

Numbers stick to us like magnets on a fridge. Even as we lay in pieces in a pile of rusted cars and melted plastic baby dolls. The scavengers circle over head fighting for minor clauses to be squeezed into the blind corners of mandatory documents. They dip their sharp beaks into the puncture wounds and […]

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Modern Mollusk

People beat each other with pipes harvested from dismantled chain link fences for the attention of the people on the sidelines. The ladies paint their nails paying them no mind and the gentlemen go back and forth to the warehouses where all the metal comes from. It is melted down and shaped into the various […]

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Return Of The Well Hidden

A blast of thunder woke Bill violently from his sleep and his forehead collided with the wooden boards that were just inches above his face. After letting out a series of expletives he moved his eyes around to see that he was sleeping in the dirt beneath something. He could see a band of faint […]

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The Voracious Beagle

Danielle could feel the cold ground through her shoes, and it wasn’t until she saw the building again that she understood what she was in for. The Voracious Beagle stood on that corner for decades, and just a year ago Danielle thought she left its embrace for good. She crossed the empty street outside the […]

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