There’s a lone stone cross in a square lot of grass with streaks of wire running under all its dirt. Everyone pretends not to see it when they cast their shadows against the mossy intersecting lines. A praying mantis chews butterfly wings so that they crumple like a can crushed in a hand. There used […]

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A Place To Meet And Start The Night

A terrace overflows with late night people dressed to beat the evening cold. They sit across from each other with their elbows on the the table leaning in, and whisper rumors about mutual acquaintances. The servers balance trays of coffee matching the sky above them in its shade, while others prepare the wine bottles and […]

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Background Thoughts

I was visiting once and while pacing around the kitchen I found a single wooden drawer chock full of keys. Some were older than others and you could tell that the weight of their metal could keep a tent on the ground through gusts like the mountains were breathing. The radio towers in the distance […]

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Blacktop Sanctuary

They give out books that show how everything they do is wrong and still they march us single file like group of basic ants to where ever they may need us still to go. I’ve had people look upon me with tears below their eyes and ask me how they could escape this crushing place […]

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The Dentist

She carved up people’s teeth all day with hooks like the hands of pirates, and there was always someone waiting there to blame all they neglected on a basic lack of knowing what to do. So she explained to them how to live a clean life and keep those frequent bites forever painless. This was […]

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