There’s a girl on the swingsand she’s writing down thingsthat she never wants to look at again.The centralized window on the foreheadof her first house was states awaywhere she would stay inside all dayand never complain. Going insane was never a problem for herbecause she liked to let it out sometimesto see where it could […]

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He’s not her typebecause tonight is justa different kind of night.The placement of the planetslike a spiral spinning outwardfrom the crown jewel justabove where our old moonspins so much slower in comparison.It splits apart into the angelsthey describe in every biblein the real sense not that Renaissancedepiction where the harshnessof their form is stripped away.They […]

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I’m tearing down postersfull of words I no longer believe,and the pictures while fadedwill still stay with me long after they’re gone.Rain drenched streets look likeconcrete mirrors texturedwhere water fills gaps in the gravel.It unravels the same wayalmost every single time.We get on the wrong pageand can’t tell if it’s her world or mine.The laughing […]

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There’s an empty field of dying grassthat looks a lot like hair when wind movesthrough it, and the people standingin it forget the reasons they’re all out therein the first place.She wore necklaces made out of cat fangsshe collected from where they all would get put down.The people worry they’ll go crazy and overwhelmthe town […]

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I’m not nostalgic for the days when thingswe’re different because I know deep downthey weren’t any better.I can just picture what it felt like in the presentalmost instantly in spite of all the yearsI haven’t even been there. I like the statues in the cemetery and howthey try to make the place seem sort of […]

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