Scraping plagues out of the dirt with just the temperature we cower in the basement of our knowledge. With so many freak accidents around us it stands to reason that we must be one too. Extreme close ups of her eyes fill up her photo albums, and I turn the plastic pages always nervous there […]

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Highway Town

Ice cubes made of antifreeze float different from the rest, and are even slightly orange if you check them. The back streets are full of puddles that dig deeper into the road assuring more will follow and they will be deeper and far more irritating than before. She leans against the bathroom door staring at […]

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Harpoons in the sides of skyscrapers like they were monsters to be killed. Skulls with no craniums just an empty place where people used to think. The water towers are crushing in on themselves from the pressure like giant soda cans stepped on in the street. A man with a dead eye sprints to the […]

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She draws the consequences of giant robot punches on the paper from the printer in the stock room. Circuitry and metal like flesh and blood and vein falling from a face modeled after our own. On other days she etches out rock stars from different eras that didn’t exist. She wasn’t as pleased with these […]

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She tries to cut her hair, but the scissors won’t bite. Rusted from the rain because her roof has been gone since the meteor shower. An incomplete suit of armor from way back in the past droops off its stand like the shell of a discouraged soldier. Empty houses cut the shadows that fall along […]

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