Plastic tracks connect together to simulate impossible races in impossible places. Through the bedroom window and off the roof they cross a finish line that isn’t marked by anything. Any walking by could see that while this was a conventional waste of time it was also something special burned into their mind, never forgotten. I […]

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Shark eyed men watch reruns of baseball games while a woman as young as their daughters mixes cocktails with a shelf of limited resources. They yell at the game like they haven’t already seen its final outcome and are politely told to tone it down or the door was right behind them if they couldn’t. […]

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I watch the white curtains moving from my vantage on the mattress with my upside down eyes, and every so often they part enough that I can see the rusted metal awning catch the sunlight pouring down from the Eastern sky. Her tattoo is like a center piece caught in between the curves of either […]

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She made a promise to herself to have no water until she hit something, out there in the foggy morning between trees that looked like they were dying, but were really simply biding all their time. The doves on the high branches cooed at each other messages that could only be related to the universal […]

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Cartoons convinced a younger me that turtles could completely leave their shells. I’d find out a short time later, having read a few more books, that all of that was bullshit and that turtles were as locked inside as I am in this skull that moves my fingers. I also remember the idea of brains […]

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