It’s underratedthe forgiving paintedface peeling off ofthe laundromatwhere everything’s atwhen its dark outand you aren’t allowedto scout too far away. She takes her time thereeveryday and worksat what she thinksshe has a need for.Making chains out of herhemp chords and the woodenbeads that slide aparttoo easily. Doors close as quicklyas they open so stopyour hoping […]

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A broken golf club clutchedlike something precious in her hand.A tornado spinning backwardswhile its tail was like a paint brush on the land.In between them was a field wherenothing stood except the crossesfrom the people there before.Almost at once she finally knewwhat she was looking forway back there in the dark depthsof the spire. Where […]

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Mark makers are chained toa four legged robot that leads themaway from the places they allwant to stay.Over dark green hills they lookover their shouldersand work quickly to bendthe short wires they’ve all storedin their mouths.Late at night when the fire is coldand the starlight is oldthey withdraw them and put themto work on unlocking […]

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Shouting At Nothing

The difference between what happensand what doesn’t is us.We are where all ideas make their contactwith the early Winter rain.There is a chain hanging over the fenceof the junkyard and it is workinglike a wind chime unintendedby whoever tossed it overin the first place.I stand still further back and listenfor the links to make their […]

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Three Day Weekends

You’ll never guesswhat separates this thorn treefrom the rest, but I am telling youthat I do, so don’t listen.There’s a simple concrete staircaseby it out there in the city parkwhere dogs bark at all the skaterstrying to conquer it.They lick papers there rollingtheir own cigaretteswhile the walking momsall scowl at themand cover up their stroller […]

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