Why does sleepalways feel so instantaneous,while the waitingat this bus stoptrickles onbeyond the boundaryof my memory.You can see through the waterfalllike fogged glasscaught in the pastof some dystopian hotel roomwhere the pictureson the wall are justthe samples left in placewhen all the frameswe’re bought and nailed wherethey are hanging.She wears her brightly colored vestin the […]

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Water Towers

Back apart from all the bencheson the outer rim of parking lotswhere buses all stack upto ferry patrons back and forthto what they’re paying for.Ferris wheels are only real at nightbecause the day time makes themnothing but machine since you cansee the gears all spinning not justthe flickering of decorationseverywhere. Wipe the fog off all […]

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Good Ice

Snow cones are so overrated Iwould rather watch them meltthan even taste one and it’s cheaplycolored sugar fit for no one whocould see just slightly past it.“It’s good ice” says the paper signthey hung out over the cart wherethey were serving all this overpricedold tire slush scraped out and savedto profit off the summer.This cavity […]

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Jack Rabbit

They kill the fish they caughtby slamming it against the rocksand watch as it just bleedsinto the current of the streamso quick and lazy its forgottenthey were standing there.It gets dark out as they wander homewith their coolers made of Styrofoamand bucket hats with hooksthat hold the moon. There are dandelions growing throughthe curves of […]

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Plastic Forks

This place made out of crystal looking overitself like a human does each morningin the mirror. There’s always somewhere to go,and even more so always some steep costto get there. This is an optical illusionof a firestorm where nothing new is burningbut the edges of our eyesight where it’s bright.Sometimes you have to ignite whateverhas […]

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