A pure white stag with eyes like setting suns and pupils the same shape as infinity. Tangled in its antlers is about three feet of razor wire drawing blood that drips down across its face. An asteroid in stable orbit home to a sleek factory. Where the rough shapes of human bodies are carved out […]

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Caption For A Midwest Winter

The people all rush to scrub the grime off their drains, in a hurry to stir all their wallowing brains. In their thoughts of the past they regret what remains, and the gnats all just orbit the sink. Cast out in these boxes, with walls the same color as envelope glue. The dark wants bored […]

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Phone Store

With an oxygen tank in the plastic basket on the front of his scooter, a gray haired man rolled his eyes at the incredibly high prices at the phone store. His disappointed face shrouded by the brim of a his air force baseball cap. A girl in a purple crop top, and mirrored aviator sunglasses, […]

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Captive Dead

I sit there on a brick wall that forms a boundary between someone’s front yard and the sidewalk. It is dark out and I can’t stop thinking about the stumbled words that break in my memory like shattering glass. These days are cloudless, but still cold. The news is old and we no longer look […]

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Place On the Floor

Crushed plastic bottles like deflated lungs limp in the recycle bins; refracting light through clear space while casting shadows behind webbed points of weakness. I am watching them, no longer able to hear the speaker at the front of the room. Ignoring the time that rotates In five second increments; along with minutes and hours. […]

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The dream isn’t dead but it is dormant. Scratching at our insides, with its nails sharp like thorns on the stems of roses. There is a machine on the line consisting of a stencil mounted on a piston that stamps metals into their proper shapes. We have become that, and now it is becoming us. […]

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An old man in a new suit walked out of his front door carrying a shovel. He broke ground in the middle of his front yard, slowly peeling off the components of his ensemble, until he was just down to his socks and piss stained underwear. He dug a rectangular hole about three feet deep, […]

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