The Playlist Knows Exactly

I wake up just to shakefrom dehydrationin the dark roomI’ve been waiting inforever now. My only memory of newspaperis soggy in its plastic bagthat dangles from the door knobin my spinal chord. The parking garage exhalesmorning fog like chimney smokewhere all the windows brokeafter the thunderstorm. The shards of glass in empty roomsare kicked around […]

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Her face in the wood grainlooks outwardat the backward worldand twisted treesall over somedark hillside I am letting on I know somethingand she is scowlingfiguring me out I picture all the prolonged huntswhere we couldn’t help but tryto end our appetitesand now rememberingthe glory daysI tolerate my mindlessnessa little less the slush kicks up in […]

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Terminal mk. 93

I don’t want love I deceive love,the very core of it, the partlike a half crushed grapeon a gray sidewalk. I wish I didn’t talk and sat here silentlyon the torn up couchthe dogs rip outthe guts of almosthopefully. The daylight is enflamedand so is every nightthe stars look likethey’ve sipped on too much mercury. […]

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Pins And Needles

I pull the twinearound my wristuntil my hand is dead,and watch the dark bluespread all over meuntil nothing’s red. I want more of everythingto be able to justifymy nothingnessto everyone still hoveringbetween the grocery storeand city bridge whereall of it is cloudybut connected. All these people intheir winter coatsafraid of any absenceof their elevator music,couldn’t […]

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Bright Spot

I fear love more than deathand all the pine tree needlesfalling in the fire. I get out of my old carand stare over the shadedpart of bridge, and in the fresh running wateris an octopus as largeas you can picturegetting tangled in the rockswithin the river. It dries up in the summerwhen the water level […]

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