New Scenery

The stage is being set for change. New scenery is lowered from the rafters. Burning continents and ideas that do the same thing to the system. Masks tied around brave faces so they don’t breath in anything less than free air. Although I’m sure someone would charge for it if they could. Digital silent treatments […]

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Dreamless Sleep

She slept so well it felt like a time skip. Like the space between sleeping and waking had no traffic, and nothing interesting to stop and look at in the meantime. It was a disappointment really, like a firework that never goes off. This hollow nighttime efficiency made her more awake for the days ahead, […]

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Old Chargers

Frayed chargers for outdated electronics fill up drawers in everyone’s houses whether they are opened in the light or in the dark, with all the rest of forgotten transitional periods in time. I can’t find the medium position between being careless and caring so much I become an easy target. We’ve been trained to identify […]

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Everything is fried the food the wires and the people. They wait in lines for roller coasters where for a second they forget what they spent to be on them in the first place. A mascot dressed as a gargoyle collapses at the center of the park. Inside the mask it is dark, and when […]

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Night Reed

Statues of folkloric figures make a spectacle of her dying garden. She lives in her grandmother’s old house and hasn’t changed a single thing about it. Her upper windows open outward and she takes barefoot steps out onto the roof tiles to play clarinet at the moon with notes mostly born from the lower register. […]

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