The cowboy picks the pistol upand points it at himself caught inthe mirror of some hotel roomwhere the Bible on the nightstandreads itself out loud to blind men,and always skips over the boring partsto keep them. After the concrete roughness cuts openboth the knees of young ones beggingfor their chance to get awaywith what they […]

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Under bridges no one lingers onthere are some lights hooked upto outlets at the rest stop wherethe drug deals all go downand organ harvesters regroupbefore they ditch the townand take their business elsewhere.A party gets thrown on the gravelwhere the footing isn’t levelbut the music throughthe workshop radios still echoesoff the concrete beams around them. […]

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A cat sits on a clock left on a coffee table,and a magazine with fading pagesgets bleached over by florescentgreen that is exacted from the neonin the curving tubes that spell outwelcome home.Stationary bikes give you the feelingthat two wheels can take you anywhereand no one cares that when it’s overyou’re still alone in some […]

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Sick of the shadow sleepingunderneath the gateway to her backyardwhere the dandelions eat awaythe atmosphere. I am a delivery man handing out the thingsthe world has coming to it, in a green shirtthat is burnt up by the sunlight beating downwhile on my rounds. It’s not an empty town by any meansit has its moments […]

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I am the opposite of homesickand the morning wind is mint againsther skin and mine; the dark roomonly broken by a gap left inthe curtains like a city bridge.Everyone on the subwayand the buses on the highwayhold their heads low while they weightheir calculations.Cardboard covers a hole in the sideof our roof because somethingout there […]

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