Talk Back If You Can

Hector’s eyes squinted at the bright blue light pouring out of his phone screen, and he found a text from Bethany. “I don’t know what to do.” She said to him over miles of space and particles. He didn’t know how to respond. The two of them had only started speaking to each other because […]

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Amnion Of The Depths

There were fences everywhere in the weird spaces between backyards. They ran parallel to each other and created little hallways where grass grew and was difficult to mow. Sometimes the high school kids would gather in these corridors to smoke weed or drink beer, in the summertime, or after class. The tall wooden planks sheltered […]

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Crossing All The Happy Bridges

Getting lost in new places was the only thing Frank cared to do anymore, and he arrived in Pittsburgh that cold fall morning to try it there. He had just hitch-hiked his way back down from Maine after spending some time up there as a bartender to re-coup some money.  He now walked along the […]

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