Waking up angry at nothing but the lackof dreams and something to look forward to.This place is always new because it has to bein order to survive, shadows move pastmy window on their way down from the second floorto heavy doors on dying cars that sound likeanimals in pain when they are brought to lifewith […]

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White Rabbit

Newly married artists had some money finallyafter a wealthy client purchased bits of work.She had always wanted a dog and he wantedher to be happy so they went to the shelter to spreadtheir good fortune around.The place was kept together but still when walkingthe hallways there was a layer of grime over everythingincluding the dogs. […]

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A wall of vague stone faces haunted a smalltown in northern Maine and no one evertalked about it even as they passed itin the night. The high school kidswould drink there on Halloween or dayswhen they were bored late in the summer.She was a drummer and she would hit the kitfor hours in her padded […]

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Autumn highway temperature against my bare feetas I wait there in the dark without the headlightsor the radio or anything. My shoes are on the dashcollecting moonlight in their laces, and my glasseshang by their frames from the centralized mirror.I don’t know what I’m doing here calling you to get mebecause the engine hasn’t held […]

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Horizon Line

It seems to me that people don’t expect itto get colder after all those months of summermake them wonder if it will be like that forever.The inverse of this is also true and can be seenby people draping jackets over their armswhen they walk to their cars. It’s not too coldnow, but maybe tonight when […]

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