You give over your daytime every time. I look across it all and I can’t find the right way to come back. The sacrifices are all in empty Gatorade bottles on the same shelf. They are licking the plastic, hoping desperately for the blurry walls to dissolve from the acid in their spit. When confronted […]

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Half empty dipping sauces solidify from the outside in, at their places scattered throughout the world. Two finches flirt with each other with their talons wrapped around the base of a feeder, and are actually getting somewhere with all of it. A depressed zoo giraffe goes about its normal routine and wraps its tongue around […]

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Spam From The Electronics Store

She gets headaches that are like dropped boxes of nails, and they make it difficult for her to see the street signs. There’s a piece of siding peeling off the corner of a house she is passing, and the wind keeps slamming it against the wall. She has letters in her mailbox from electronics stores […]

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Walking down into the cellar while it’s dark out, and there are humming birds hovering just beyond the small rectangular window. They were watching me like they were looking at a screen. Maybe I was their Friday night movie? Just a slice of life picture about a guy skulking around his own basement digging up […]

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Deliverance Of Pain

They keep their old masks nailed to the wall, and drag their hands across them when they walk by. Turns are taken when it comes to the one chair in the garage, that is kept there only for sharpening swords. All the fields in that land were bright red like the foliage itself had rusted […]

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Dandelion Seeds

She drinks tea with a book, outside on her break, and just sits on a bench among the dandelion seeds. He digs his pencil into the blue boxes where he writes the numbers, and his heart skips when he sees how much longer he’ll be chained to the task. She was too nervous to tell […]

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Knocks on doors in the middle of the night cut right to the center of her eardrums. The factory makes plastic containers loudly across the alley due to the poor foresight of drunk city planners. A man brought his stock to the flea market to sell it all, but is having trouble connecting price points […]

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