A snake falls on a shoulder from a tree branch up above, and scares the person sitting there on the concrete slab in a parking space. Her feet are full of razor blades at least that’s how it feels. She adds details to her bedroom wall using brushes she found in the basement. Music plays […]

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Passively Amused

  They return from the killing tossing sharp things to the side, making everyone remember where their loyalty resides. Someone slices through the fabric of their seat in the room, and they never stop pretending at the times that we assume. There‚Äôs a woman in the bathroom with blood on her legs. Premonitions haunt the […]

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Fire And Trickery

Erosion licks the metal like an owl in a hat. The past two days take hold of us, and guide our way back to the cove we set out from. Notches on the edge of the deck are made with an old whaling spear that was only used once for real, and it was on […]

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The air conditioner is broken the tires are flat there is no money in the coin jar or the brim of his hat. There is salt on the table it shouldn’t be there her tits walk past her window I put my drink down and stare. They tell her she is beautiful they tell her […]

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The Maze

The corpses of a million used light bulbs cover the landfill like skeletons in the the catacombs. They sound like dampened wind chimes when you drag your feet through them looking for anything of value in the carnage around you. We’ve never known what to do with all our extra stuff, but our jobs have […]

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Scissors with handles that look like eyes, cut through cardboard boxes that are left in the back near the broken water fountain. Footprints left in gray slush on the road melt away in the morning and are replaced with the weak first layer of skin at the bottoms of bare feet. A woman loads her […]

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Tangled cords unwrap themselves like she does in the mornings when she arches her back and reaches forward with her arms. Things are never fully done; like a book that keeps growing additional pages in the same way humans cultivate fingernails. There is a methodology in the pain we all go through, and part of […]

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