I’m sure someone’s grandfather carriedtheir favorite book under their armin World War II,and there was paper there with inkthat never faded in the booming dustof gunfire. I don’t know anything about that.A part of me remembers thoughthe same part that stands up for the anthemat baseball games. The cold beer leavingdark rings on my jeans. […]

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I can’t tell how I’m doing simply standingin the corner with the air out and the heatall pouring in. I don’t know where to beginbut I am forced to by the winter wolfthat chases me at night when I am sleepingand continuing to never know my dreams.I can’t find my way out of the bowling […]

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A broken golf club clutchedlike something precious in her hand.A tornado spinning backwardswhile its tail was like a paint brush on the land.In between them was a field wherenothing stood except the crossesfrom the people there before.Almost at once she finally knewwhat she was looking forway back there in the dark depthsof the spire. Where […]

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