I’m sure someone’s grandfather carriedtheir favorite book under their armin World War II,and there was paper there with inkthat never faded in the booming dustof gunfire. I don’t know anything about that.A part of me remembers thoughthe same part that stands up for the anthemat baseball games. The cold beer leavingdark rings on my jeans. […]

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There is a cut eyeand it is overlooking all of this terraincaught under all this rainwhere everything is overdueand the graveyard statue’s facesall are crying over someonethey had never even seen before alive. This town is a midnight drivewhere it is busy and the citycalls the small time working wretchesout to run their fingers over […]

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I try to look at what’s in front of methe way I would if I were lookingat what I know is missing somewherein the frame.This stupid selfish painting weighing downthe wall is burning up today,but I can’t say a part of me won’t miss it. The neighbors on their balconyare pulling drinks out of a […]

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