I’m sure someone’s grandfather carriedtheir favorite book under their armin World War II,and there was paper there with inkthat never faded in the booming dustof gunfire. I don’t know anything about that.A part of me remembers thoughthe same part that stands up for the anthemat baseball games. The cold beer leavingdark rings on my jeans. […]

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I can’t tell how I’m doing simply standingin the corner with the air out and the heatall pouring in. I don’t know where to beginbut I am forced to by the winter wolfthat chases me at night when I am sleepingand continuing to never know my dreams.I can’t find my way out of the bowling […]

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So claustrophobic she would break downat descriptions of the cave systemsthat weaved below the whole entire town.Outdoor stores where no one’s sellinganything important, but plastic jewelrytries to argue just the opposite. Waking up in the middle of the dayin a motel room by yourselfwith just the T.V. playing nothingbut old westerns.The free breakfast at the […]

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Washed up like broken bottle pieceson a beach where no one visitsbecause the sunlight there is like a starefrom someone you have always disappointed.Rusted fences and tucked away peoplepaid almost nothing to be left alonebut not forgotten by the board roomspulling strings with all the ringslaced over fingertips.They go to bars where all the girlsare […]

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