A right of passage denied like lightningsplitting trees apart in downpours.Young people who never met beforestay up all night on a train across the countryand tell the stories of their lives,exaggerating everything. Cutting the leg off a frog you found deadin the gravel with a pocket knife you stolefrom the junk drawer to see how […]

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You control the size of your worldno matter who else tries to tell you any different.With that I would suggest you keep it lightenough to carry over mountains.A kind of decoration laid in every fountainyou can find across the countrysidewhere the brick roads turn to concreteand the echo of the mall musicbounces off the surface […]

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Shading In The Painting Of A Shootout

The same handful of facesrule the streets between our housesand the freeways that connectour towns together.Like the girl who is out of everyone’sleague but occupies the mindsof all who see her.Heavy industry like a panel of titanswho chain smoke and slouch behindthe grocery stores we shop at to ignore them.City apartments where you can’t tellif […]

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I fade away when I’m around the rest of you.Like there is no ground we must stand onconnecting everything.Burned down baseball fieldsstill keep the outline of the basesin the sand, but all the outfield nowis ash, and the score boardwill be empty for forever. Loud arguments happen continuouslyin long lines where no one knowswhat they […]

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Getting up to watch the skyin the overcast forgotten nameof the city park where weekendshave their setting. She wears as little as she canworking on the perfect picturein the sun beam streaming downfor her to be in. It’s okay to carve your nameinto apartment flaking framesaround the doors that letthe losers through to see you. […]

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