Night Reed

Statues of folkloric figures make a spectacle of her dying garden. She lives in her grandmother’s old house and hasn’t changed a single thing about it. Her upper windows open outward and she takes barefoot steps out onto the roof tiles to play clarinet at the moon with notes mostly born from the lower register. […]

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Seasonal colds make everyone think that they’re dying, but they feel more alive when it happens to somebody else. After the violent phlegm clearing struggles that trickle out in random intervals, we all remember that we live within the mud. A smear of it on some wall we can’t conceive, but still we believe that […]

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She closes her eyes on the subway, and clenches her teeth against the barrage of useless noise coming out of the screens wired above them. When they reach the quieter moments in their loops she lets them open again, and watches the walls of the tunnel mix together with the flashing lights, bound by the […]

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Chewed Up LEGOs

Mental breakdowns happen all the time. They tell me, anyway, but I know it’s not like that really. The buzzing of a building chock full of old air conditioners seeps out onto the streets and confuses the bugs and the birds. I hold onto memories of holding her, but I know those are nothing but […]

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Return Of The Well Hidden

A blast of thunder woke Bill violently from his sleep and his forehead collided with the wooden boards that were just inches above his face. After letting out a series of expletives he moved his eyes around to see that he was sleeping in the dirt beneath something. He could see a band of faint […]

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