Day At The Market

A brother and sister walked down
the sidewalk towards a flea
market pulling a wagon full of
old junk from their shed. Chewed up
footballs, plastic pool toys, and a few
rusted tools made up the majority
of their inventory. They knew they
probably wouldn’t get much for all of
it, but they wanted ice cream, and their
mother wasn’t in one of her generous
moods regarding her wallet.

When they got there the sister used
some markers and an old cardboard box
to make a sign. It simply said. “Stuff for
sale here if you’re interested.” People
weren’t and they just walked by to
get closer to the more fully stocked
salesmen in the lot. One of them was
selling huge statues for people’s gardens,
the top sellers were all shaped like Bigfoot. The boy
thought they looked cool as fuck, and when he
said so the girl slapped him lightly on the shoulder.

After hours of waiting and still no business
the two siblings decided to cut their losses and
head back home. While they were folding up the
sign a boy that looked about thirteen came up to them,
and he asked them if they were still selling the blue and
green foam football that sat covered in a thin layer of
grime. They nodded yes and told him it would only cost
him four dollars which made him roll his eyes. He reluctantly
agreed however, and they exchanged the football for the capital.

The first thing the teen did with his knew possession
was to take out a pocket knife and start cutting a hole
in the center of the ball. He then pulled out a worm like
cylinder of foam with a snap. This confused the two
siblings who didn’t understand why someone would
destroy a new ball they just bought, so they asked the
teen why he did this. He told them if they wanted to
find out they had to follow him behind the market
by the dumpsters.

The girl didn’t think it was a good idea. They
had what they needed so they should just go
and get their ice cream while the sun was still up.
This wasn’t enough for her brother though. He wanted
to know what this trick with the football was. So she
reluctantly followed the two boys behind the building
where there was no one else around. The teen began
the demonstration by clearing his throat and hocking
a massive amount of spit into the hole he dug. Next he
unzipped his jeans which scared both of them equally,
and stuck himself inside the cavity. He moved the ball
up and down until he shook violently then suddenly stopped.
The brother and sister went home without speaking
after that. They didn’t feel like ice cream anymore.

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